Digital strategy
and tactics

Digital plan for your business


Digital communication made right


Digital marketing strategy

From a to z. Inspired by business goals digital strategy is enrolled to find the best path reaching your customers through digital touchpoints of digital media.


Market research and analysis

In depth market research and competitor analysis for product or service potential to reach digital communication objectives.


Campaign planning & control

Integrated and actionable approach to digital communication tactics. Followed by user journey and digital touchpoints of paid, owned & earned media.


UX for websites and apps

Brushed to perfection user experience converted to functional wireframes. No matter the project, UX meets UI in a holy marriage. Followed by digital communication roadmap.


From A to Z
digital communication process

Step 1.

It starts with digital strategy

Despite business goals, industry or geo market - research for digital strategy communication comes first revealing the potential for full cycle of strategy:

Situation analysis - competitor analysis, content potential, directions for communication, SEO strategy, digital SWOT and overall 'where to go' direction.

Objectives and budget for digital communication plan.

Strategy - target audiences, segments, personas, use case scenarios with measureable KPI plan, positioning, long and short term communication roadmap.

Tactics - channel flow, message goals and effective campaign planning.

Actionable plan & digital hygiene - in depth action planning, web and app improvements through UX/UI, tracking setup and content prep works.

Control for measuring effective tactics with dashboard tools with active tactics steering towards most effective results and business goals.

Step 2.

Tactics planning & action

Structure communication tactics followed by rigid actions to be taken for controllable result nurture:

Tracking setup for tactics interpretation and fluent optimisation for efficienct communication money wise later analysing results.

Channel and website connectedness - ensuring all digital hub of content and website or app are fully integrated into scheme of user journey.

Content plan - through all target audiences, segments and personas fueled by already structured strategy or simply inspired by businesse's insights on historic data meeting business goals.

Hygiene process for website's UX and content based on overall strategy, long and short term goals.

Campaign setup followed by best practices and multi channel approach.

Optimisation of targeting, timing, budget and content for efficient results.

Step 3.

Result control & optimisation

The moment of truth. Result control through the right process tailored to best meet business goals through essential KPIs.

Result tracking based on business goals converted into measureable KPIs.

Dashboard structured to best meet business demands and measurable KPIs.

Reports on a periodical basis to investigate the dynamics of communication.

Insights based on communication dynamics, result fluctuation, market trends, competition.

Optimisation impacting all strategy parts - from objectives to target audiences, user journeys, budgeting, channel mix and overall tactics to better meet business goals within ever changing competition and outter aspects.


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Strategy for an ubiased media portal in United States to acquire momentum among local news market niche. Main goal – to create  digital strategy of the portal...
  • Strategy

    Digital communication strategy plan

  • Client

  • Tactics

    Campaign action and result analysis

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February 14, 2021

Pulsar optics strategy

Strategy for a global hunter and outdoor enthusiast belowed brand Pulsar to acquire long term user engagement goals globally. From country to country in-depth research to structured...
  • Strategy

    Digital strategy planning

  • Client


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Smart Vision strategy

Digital strategy for a first in Baltics tele medicine company Smart Vision. Since ordering prescription glasses online in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was a deeply new thing...
  • Strategy

    Digital strategy planning

  • Design

    UX design for e-comm

  • Client

    Smart Vision

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February 14, 2021

Go Vilnius web

Conceptual web prototype for a official Vilnius promoting agency Go Vilnius submerging four different service websites into one (business, relocation, events, tourism).
  • Strategy

    UX Strategy

  • Design

    UX/UI design

  • Client

    Go Vilnius

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