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— Digital Strategy
— Communication Tactics
— Social Media Tactics
— Reporting & Analysis

— UX Design
— Web Development Services

About things below

But first, let's get strategic


Digital communication strategy plan

From a to z. Inspired by business goals digital strategy is enrolled to find the best path reaching your customers through digital touchpoints of digital media.

Full digital strategy plan from in-depth market analysis to actual plan to grow business online and make those objectives in place short and long term.


Communication tactics

Integrated and actionable approach to digital communication tactics. Followed by user journey and digital touchpoints of paid, owned & earned media.

Induced in strategy plan or by given business communication plan and content to get those consumer acquisition costs right.

Social media

Social media tactics

Actionable straight from the strategy plan or standalone – following business goals and communication paths for short term goals.

Addressed and planned in ordely manner to face on-going competition and rivalry with measured metrics turned into KPIs and overall monitoring with insights.


Market research and analysis

In depth market research and competitor analysis for product or service potential to reach digital communication objectives.

Induced in digital strategy plan or by business requests to validate market potential and investment options before going all-in.

Will fluorish these too

Strategy without object is nothing


UX design prototyping

Brushed to perfection user experience converted to functional wireframes. No matter the project, UX meets UI in a holy marriage.

Followed by digital communication plan for most effective content disposition online in web hub to gain business goals, SEO and primary keyword topics along with fluent user journey online.


Web development services

Based on UX prototypes – UI design and further full development of web project to meet rigid requirements no matter the project type.

From simple e-commerce to a web hub of joint web structure of websites and apps evolving around business mission.

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