February 14, 2021

MyPoint.tv strategy

Strategy for an ubiased media portal in United States to acquire momentum among local news market niche.

Main goal – to create  digital strategy of the portal to oppose legacy media, providing tool for society to become media and gain traffic momentum in short and long term.


What is it?

New media tool facilitating community build-up by helping people to find common causes, identify civic groups, and work toward solutions to societal problems.

Diversity of content in the platform enables opportunity for more voices to be heard. It’s a new media that incorporates a two-way communication addressed for ones that could make change by those who need a change.

This concept radically alters the way how institutions operate, political leaders communicate, organisations work etc. by providing a tool for a active readers to become the media and help better inform local and global readers on specific matters providing more material, deeper insights and opinions that lead to active actions taken in real time to make impact or generate a greater awareness. Members of the public are encouraged by relevant videos that could go viral and influence the course of events.



Create a strategy for a media portal among unbiased local news media.

  • Strategy

    Digital communication strategy plan

  • Client


  • Tactics

    Campaign action and result analysis

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