Creative digital for your crazy businesses with less clutter on the way to online milky way

Digital strategy

From a to z. Inspired by business goals digital strategy is enrolled to find the best path reaching your customers through digital touchpoints of digital media.

Social media strategy

Initiated with posibility analysis, garnished with content strategy and tailored for each specific persona - a strategy to get the most of your social media.

Campaign planning

Integrated and actionable approach to digital communication tactics. Followed by user journey and digital touchpoints of paid, owned & earned media.

Ideas & concept for website

Crafted ideas for digital presence to kick online communication & beat business goals lean. Followed by market research, typing & erasing insights billion times to get it right.

UX & UI design

Brushed to perfection user experience converted to functional wireframes. No matter the project, UX meets UI in a holy marriage. Followed by digital communication roadmap.

Web Development

Custom team of designers and devs to tailor down the project with the right attitude on project deadlines without killing the wallet. Drop us a message for RFP.


  • Clustering Creativity

    Online course platform for digital marketers and entrepreneurs. Business and NGOs may upload their briefs to get them solved by students. While students get the opportunity not only to study latest research on digital marketing tools, they may work on real briefs offered by companies.

    Concept, UX, Wireframes, UI Design, Web Development

    Clustering Creativity
  • Social media guide

    Concept & development of the interactive social media guide to foster international social communication between lithuanian and polish border institutions to grow economic, social and territorial cohesion. Ordered by European Institute Of Interdiciplinary Research.

    Concept, Wireframes, UI Design, Web Development

    Social media guide
  • Scadattle startup project

    Event planner startup

    Full digital concept for a Scadattle - event planner startup. Since original idea brought social activity event planning to the whole new limelight the project was backed by a concept to hold a great usability together with fast site performance.

    UI Design, Digital Concept, Wireframes

  • MyDay wedding planner

    Interactive wedding planner

    Wedding planner tool to satisfy those happier than hell girls and boys to get every single detail into the right place so when the day comes it all performs sleek as in Opera house. Peer to peer marketplace of suits & dresses accompanies MyDay project.

    Concept, UI Design, Wireframes

  • Money loan website

    Interactive loan calculator tool for Texas real estate investment funding source company. Completely redefined user pathways and interface nurtures leads to disperse loans for construction based financial activities in US, Texas state.

    UI Design, Wireframes

    Loan website
  • Simple and inspiring!
    Bringing valuable advice on how to dive into e-jungles.

    Wells RileyRimantas Gatautis, Chief Development Officer and Research Affiliate at EIIR